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MUATV.com is web-based, world-wide television for aspiring students of makeup artistry, as well as for those who have already become professionals.  Our programming will be conducted in an extremely unique fashion to not only be educational, but entertaining, thought-provoking, and inspiring.


The many shows and unique programming offered on a daily basis from MUATV.com are another pioneering accomplishment from the world's leading makeup artist educator and a team of professional makeup artists who are the Who’s Who in the world of professional makeup.




MUATV.com is a dedicated web-based television-type broadcast that offers viewers detailed knowledge concerning all phases of professional makeup artistry, hairstyling, and special makeup effects.


Since the inception of the world’s first pioneering school for motion picture makeup artistry, originated by Joe Blasco, there have been many others to open makeup schools around the world! Now, MUATV will take makeup knowledge and training to the next level. This educational world-wide web broadcast will give firsthand, comprehensive knowledge, to the serious student, as well as to the established makeup and hairstyling professional.


MUATV daily programming will include many unscripted, surprise live shows presented not only to educate, but also to entertain and motivate.


Also offered by MUATV will be many shows concerning the history of makeup, hairstyling and effects; the chemistry of makeup manufacturing; protocol on the set; makeup and hair demonstrations of all types and detailed lectures concerning the politics and psychology of working in today’s modern motion picture and television industry. Viewers will be pleased to know that MUATV programming will also include information concerning makeup for the live stage; wig making and styling; makeup for print and runway; and information on street wear makeup, products, services and special events.


Now, students from all makeup and hairstyling schools world-wide will have the unique opportunity to pursue yet another avenue for obtaining knowledge…no matter where they are and at any time of the day or night, 24/7!


Students who are passionate and dedicated to the art of makeup and hairstyling, and who seriously wish to pursue the highest quality education available, can now actually do so with the click of a button, and in the comfort of their own home!


Now, a prospective student of makeup artistry can actually meet, see, hear and get to know established professionals in the field of makeup and hairstyling.


MUATV.com is also intended for those makeup artists who wish to become more cognizant of the newest and most modern techniques from the simplest natural beauty makeup to the most detailed silicone appliance application.


Associate members and assistant makeup artists of the various makeup and hair trade unions world-wide can now, on their own computer screens, learn the necessary details that will advance their knowledge well beyond their current categories, both quickly and conveniently.

Never before have perspective students of makeup artistry, or students already enrolled in makeup schools, been given the opportunity to actually see and hear makeup artistry and hairstyling presented in such a profound and structured visual format.


Now there is no more guesswork.

If you are looking to attend a makeup school, MUATV.com will permit you to enjoy and to sample most areas of the profession before you enroll in a hands-on program.


MUATV.com programming will be educational, entertaining, thought-provoking, stimulating, serious, comedic and inspiring.


The running time of original MUATV programming will vary from 2 to 8 hours and will loop continuously throughout each 24 hour period for a full 7 days. Live programming will be added throughout the week’s web-cast. Each time live programming is inserted, it will automatically become part of the next continuous loop of the next web-cast. All live programming will be unscheduled, so be sure to keep watching, as you never know when something or someone very special is going to pop in just for you!


MUATV.com maintains two state-of-the-art high definition TV studios; one in the heart of Hollywood, California and the other in beautiful Orlando, Florida.


New taped programming will be added as it is produced and released to MUATV by Joe Blasco Entertainment, Inc.  Normally, new taped programming will be added each week as unscheduled programming.  


The many shows and unique programming offered on a daily basis from MUATV.com is another pioneering endeavor from Joe Blasco and many professional makeup artists who are the Who's Who in the world of professional makeup.


Welcome to our world.